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My Preferred Gear: Fitness

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Wobble Cushions


Wobble cushions help develop targeting skills, balance, stillness, accuracy and strength 

Paw Pods


Paw pods help dogs learn isolated paw targeting, useful for fitness, agility, redirection and refocusing from anxiety triggers

*use Fitpaws brand instead for dogs with sensitive paws

Balance Pad


Soft foam mat helps develop boundary and paw targeting skills and acts as a grippy base surface for more complex targeting setups

Dog Backpack


Backpacks can be filled with suitably sized weights for calming pressure or enhancing exercise

Donut Fitness Ball


Donut balls can be used for a variety of fitness and confidence exercises, and provide a more stable surface than stability balls or peanuts

Labra Wraps


Protect the hock joint of the back foot from cuts during vigorous exercise and activities that include quick stops

Agon Wraps


Protect the carpal pad and wrist of front legs from cuts during vigorous exercise and activities that include quick stops

The recommended uses for items listed above are my own educated opinions as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and are reinforced by my own personal experiences with a wide variety of gear. These are quality items I use and trust. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and this does not change the price you pay. 

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