There are no bad dogs, only untapped potential!

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Wholehearted Canine

Wholehearted Canine

Wholehearted CanineWholehearted CanineWholehearted Canine

Private & Group Dog Training in McKinney, Frisco & Allen

Positive Training and Behavior Solutions

The Wholehearted Approach


Positive Dog Training

Do you want to build a better, more joyful relationship with your dog, to improve their focus on you, and eradicate problem behaviors? I use positive methods and fun games to teach dogs concepts that will help them enjoy life more and radically improve their behavior. I strive to make training fun and efficient for dogs and owners, not only resolving behavior issues but training the whole dog for future success. I help owners develop clear communication with their dogs and inspire great choices, for reliable and lasting results. Schedule an in-home evaluation to begin so I can assess your dog’s needs and build a training plan based on your goals. How would your life be different if your dogs were calm, reliable, focused and joyfully obedient?


Training Philosophy

Dogs learn best through play and positive conditioning, and I love helping dogs reach their full potential! Fearful, reactive, or mischievous dogs often need special guidance to truly enjoy life and reach that potential. I seek to inspire and teach dogs through games and creative solutions to alleviate fears and end behavior issues. I do not use aversives and instead focus on positivity, shaping, re-conditioning, and empowering a dog to make good choices. I use positive reinforcement and training games to teach key concepts through play, such as impulse control, calmness and focus. Teaching these concepts helps dogs make great choices independently in new situations, rather than just training cued behaviors. I use a variety of rewards other than food to suit any dog. I believe that every dog deserves a chance and I am dedicated to helping you and your companion. There are no bad dogs, only untapped potential! 


Passion for Dogs

I am deeply passionate about dogs and providing them with quality care and love in every aspect of their lives. I enjoy sharing lessons I've learned along the way from dogs in my life, and only train using products that I trust for their health and safety. I educate owners to enable them to make informed choices about equipment, toys and food, to improve their dog‘s health, quality of life, and behavior modification. Nutrition, wellness, and exercise each play crucial roles in a dog's perspecgive and behavior, and are key parts of successful training. 

Dogs are beautifully honest. They don't hide their opinions, intentions, fears or joy. They simply wish to communicate, to be heard and to listen, to love and be loved, and to enjoy life with good company. When given the tools to trust and succeed, they live truly wholeheartedly, and invite us to join them. 

-Sarah Singler

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