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My Preferred Gear: Equipment

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True Love Harness


Two leash attachment points

Slim, lightweight design

Available in a variety of colors

Ruffwear Front Range Harness


Two leash attachment points

Comfortable, padded design

Available in a variety of colors

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness


Prevents escape from a harness 

Provides moderate lifting support

Also available in red or blue

Padded 3/4” European Leash


My favorite European leash

Ideal for dogs over 20lbs 

Hamilton 3/8” European Leash


Smaller, non-padded European leash Lightweight option for dogs under 20lbs

Martingale Collar



Martingales (limited slip collars) prevent dogs from slipping out of collars without the dangers of full slip or choke collars

*all collars worn around the neck are meant for ID tags only, never for leash attachment 

Potty Bells


Bells give dogs and puppies a clear way to communicate with you when they need to go out which helps reduce accidents inside

Trek & Train Treat Bag


Small treat bag by Doggone Good with magnetic closure allows for easy one-handed use; designed to be worn around the waist

Ollydog Treat Bag


Small treat bag with magnetic closure for easy one-handed use; designed to be worn around the waist

Coolaroo Raised Bed


Great for learning boundaries and as an indoor or outdoor bed, and easy to clean

Wire Crate


Provides a safe, high value space at home and in the car, and folds flat for easy transport 

*positive crate training required, never to be used as a punishment 

Boundary Mats


Versatile boundaries with grippy bottoms that are easy to move, clean and integrate into a household

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


Flexible but strong rubber, nylon and neoprene muzzle for small to extra large dogs

*only for use with positive methods following muzzle training

Fuzzle Muzzles


Soft, thick neoprene muzzle for small to extra small dogs

*only for use with positive methods following muzzle training 

Short Snout Muzzles


Sturdy muzzle for small to large dogs with short snouts

*only for use with positive methods following muzzle training 

Dremel 8050 Micro


This compact, cordless Dremel is ideal for dogs who no longer need a guard around the stone, and the grip and light allow for very accurate grinding, and neatly rounded nails

Dremel 200 Series


This mid-sized, corded Dremel is my favorite for dogs who are new to nail grinding because of the included guard and style of the power switch which help prevent injury to curious pups

Dremel 8220


This sturdy, cordless Dremel can be used with or without a guard over a grinding stone to suit your dog’s needs, and has adjustable speed settings 



This toy uses a timer to control rotation through 6 chambers to provide a longer lasting food puzzle and can aid in resolving separation anxiety

Treat & Train


This remote controlled treat dispenser can be used to develop independence, resolve separation anxiety, and train complex behaviors



This camera can toss treats and let you check in on your dog remotely by using your cell phone, and can be used to develop independence

Marpac Noise Maker


White noise makers help supplement other calmness and management strategies for daily or nightly use, or for stressful times such as during storms or fireworks. By weakening sounds that trigger stress or excitement, dogs are better able to cope. 

Calming Signals Book


Rugaas provides a short, picture filled guide to the basics of canine body language to better understand your own dog and any dog you meet for safer interactions and more effective communication. This is a must read for all dog owners and anyone who interacts with dogs on a regular basis.

The recommended uses for items listed above are my own educated opinions as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and are reinforced by my own personal experiences with a wide variety of gear. These are quality items I use and trust. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and this does not change the price you pay. 

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